I’m a researcher working on Program Synthesis and Interpretable/Explainable AI (IAI/XAI), particularly with Symbolic Machine Learning methods applied to e-Science. Currently my work at Uppsala University, Department of Information Systems is funded by the eSSENCE project (essenceofescience.se).

Most of my research work is specialised on Inductive Synthesis of Horn Clause Programs, that is, automatically generating Prolog-like programs from given examples of how such programs should work. Writing systems that does this, and figuring out how to represent the found programs to humans, was my doctoral work.

I have a Software Engineering background in the industry, that spanned from ERP, to Databases, and to Games over the years. I still do bits and pieces of Games or Data Science work from time to time.

You can reach me at mail@gorkempacaci.com, or at gorkem.pacaci@im.uu.se.