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Can ChatGPT do formal logic?

All this talk about Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) made me wonder how far in is GPT towards formal logic? I should clarify: if it turns out it can do a lot of formal logic, I don’t think that is any kind of sign towards AGI. The two are conceptually related but not correlated. Humans (supposedly) have AGI, but they fail at formal logic often. A lot of computer algorithms have been invented for formal logic,…

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Special Session on Effective Modelling and Implementation of Quantities – EMIQ 2022

In conjunction with MODELSWARD conference, Steve is organising a special edition on implementation of units / quantities. Misuse/non-use of proper libraries/supporting tools for units is one of the bleeding failures of Software Engineering, and there’s much work to be done on this in both the research end, and in application. Paper submission by November 26th, 2021.

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